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Aortic occlusion for abdominal hemorrhage

SJASMD at aol.com SJASMD at aol.com
Mon Oct 10 14:17:54 BST 2005

Gerry Shaftan was doing this for a short while routinely from his ER at  
brookdale hospital in the mid 1980s
never published it
In a message dated 10/9/2005 8:59:36 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
karim at trauma.org writes:


This is a great question.  We have used the occlusion  balloon in the 
occasional ruptured aortic aneurysm patient where we have  had
all the logistical ducks in a row.  We have certainly been talking  about 
doing this in trauma patients but have yet to use it in
anyone.   As you say it should replace the 'unnecessary' thoracotomy in the 
ED  department for massive abdominal haemorrhage, so the
equipment and  expertise must be available on patient arrival in the ED.   


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Aortic balloon catheters have been used experimentally  to "cross clamp" the 
aorta during closed chest CPR and augment brain  and
heart perfusion. Emergency thoracotomy and aortic cross-clamping has  been 
used to control intraabdominal hemorrhage prior to
celiotomy. Does  anyone have any experience with aortic balloon occlusion to 
temporarily  control massive sub-diaphragmatic hemorrhage
in the trauma  victim?

Don Benson, DO, FACEP
St. John Hospital -  Detroit
bensonblues at comcast.net

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