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Fw: Removing the collar

Andrew J Bowman sumieb at compuserve.com
Sun Oct 9 16:57:07 BST 2005

> What of this situation that I experience daily in my ED?
> Patient arrives from whatever mechanism of trauma with neck collar in
> Awake, alert, moves everything well.  Complains of neck pain and so goes
> cross table c-spine.
> Gets read as normal by EDP and/or radiologist.  Rad tech is told to remove
> the collar for the AP and odontoid views but then to put the collar back
> before coming back to ED.
> My position is that once the collar is off why put it back on and if we
> putting it back on why are we allowing it to be removed in the first
> place???
> Any takers?
> Andrew Bowman

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