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DeeDee Soyars DeeDee.Soyars at centrahealth.com
Thu Oct 6 13:31:10 BST 2005

Great Job!
More user friendly, interactive, easy on the eye and navigation.
I like being able to go to a website and being able to see up-front what 
is new since the last visit.

Dee Dee Soyars, RN BS CEN
Lynchburg, Virginia

"We must be the change we wish to see in the World".  (Ghandi)

"Karim Brohi" <karim at trauma.org> 
Sent by: trauma-list-bounces at trauma.org
10/05/2005 08:58 PM
Please respond to
Trauma & Critical Care mailing list <trauma-list at trauma.org>

"'Trauma & Critical Care mailing list'" <trauma-list at trauma.org>


As most of you know we have been developing the new website for some time 
now. This is our forth major revamp of the website in 10
years and our most ambitious yet. We have received a very sizeable 
donation from a charity that wishes to remain anonymous but for
which I am very grateful to *completely* rebuild the Trauma.org web site 
to add major new functionality and subsequently to develop
the Open Library of Trauma based on the new content management system.

Most of this work is backend but we have been going through various 
iterations of a new design for the website and I thought I would
give you a sneak peak of the home page and an article page and to ask for 
comments on design and layout. 

These are not the final designs, we have some more adding and tweaking to 
do - and again most of the benefits will be seen in
functionality rather than in layout, but I'm looking for comments on all 
aspects - but especially in useability, layout and ease of
use (obviously these are just pictures, not functional web pages yet).

Please let me know what you think - and comments to the list please so 
they're open and all can discuss.


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