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Bali Bombings

Bjorn, Pret pbjorn at emh.org
Fri Oct 7 14:17:13 BST 2005


Congratulations on a nearly impossible feat of marksmanship: you have so
thoroughly missed the point that you've hit yourself in the back of the

Whether or not you want to, understanding the enemy is the best way to
disarm him.  We've tried righteous ignorance, blustery rhetoric, and brute
force.  A lot of freaking good it's done.


Your feelings are understandable:  I'm doubtful that many of us can
effectively imagine the world reversed, wherein the largest economies,
industries, militaries, and media mechanisms of the world are middle eastern
(read: Islamic); where, for generations, you and I have lived in abject
poverty under gilded regimes of repression -- funded, armed, informed, and
overtly controlled by middle eastern powers.  

The largest and most influential of these nations (pick one) flies a banner
of peace and freedom, but its actions over hundreds of years have served
mostly to exploit our resources, enrich our oppressors, and dismiss our
faith.  Our country may have never been attacked; but our culture, for
generations, has been under siege.

We're poor, we're infuriated, we're desperate; but we're not stupid.  An
organized revolution would be conspicuous and uselessly suicidal: the middle
east is too wealthy, too well-armed and well-wired.  The most accessible,
safe and credible retreat is to the Christian churches, which the outsiders
can't overtly attack without risking their moral self image.  

We find varying support there, among other impoverished, desperate
Christians.  Some are especially sympathetic: the Muslim puppet masters
enrage them, as do the faithless profiteers and sycophants in their very own
communities.  They share our suffocating sense that the Christian world is
being subsumed and rebuilt into one where our heritage can't fit, and won't
survive.  We have no one to rely on but ourselves and each other, nobody to
trust but other fanatics.

We resolve to fight back using the tools at hand: improvised weapons,
zealous martyrs fueled by the most primitive commandments of our faith, and
the ability to scare the shit out of civilian (especially, secular) masses
around the globe.  

The only hope of our culture is that terror will force reflection,
hesitation, and withdrawal.  Gradually, as these efforts fail in the face of
global middle eastern dominance, our objectives distort and simplify: we'll
kill as many of the Muslim motherf***ers as we can, or die trying.  If
nothing else, we're politically, financially, and morally bankrupting the


Don't think for a moment that terrorism is a characteristic of any religion,
fundamentalist or otherwise.  It's a tactic (and a predictable product) of
desperation.  We'd do it if we had to, and we'd find a way to dignify it.
Religion's just the most accessible vector.  

And don't think that I endorse or support these impressions or responses: I
just know they're out there, and that ignoring them deepens the hole we're
digging.  Mankind will never be one big happy family.  But if we're lucky,
we'll find a way to coexist.  Problem is, somebody has to be the first to

Pret Bjorn

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From: docrickfry at aol.com [mailto:docrickfry at aol.com] 
Sent: Thursday, October 06, 2005 6:44 PM
To: trauma-list at trauma.org
Subject: Re: Bali Bombings

Sure----is it not commmon courtesy and tolerance to be respectful of those
who blow up innocent people to make their own adolescent point as to who's
beliefs are right?  Perhaps we should all try to understand them a bit more,
and then we can all be one big happy family--what are a few hundred lives
per pop compared to understanding and tolerance?

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