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Bjorn, Pret pbjorn at emh.org
Wed Oct 5 21:16:35 BST 2005

Okay, okay, I'm busted on a technicality.  But I bet I speak from the mode,
if not the mean.


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From: Karim Brohi [mailto:karim at trauma.org] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2005 2:11 PM
To: 'Trauma & Critical Care mailing list'
Subject: Trauma-list membership


Most trauma-list subscribers are not American.  As far as I can tell about
35% of the 2250 subscribers are in the US, the rest come
from around 140 countries, with the UK, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Israel,
Italy and Germany being the next highest subscribers.

True though that most of the conversations are US led.  This is not to be
discouraged - rather that members from other countries
should step up and be more vocal.  Similarly discussion from other trauma
systems (or lack there of) should be encouraged and
nurtured by the more established list membership.


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From: trauma-list-bounces at trauma.org [mailto:trauma-list-bounces at trauma.org]
On Behalf Of Bjorn, Pret
Sent: 05 October 2005 13:43
To: 'Trauma & Critical Care mailing list'
Subject: RE: Bali Bombings


1: Most Trauma-List subscribers -- and a breathtaking majority of the
loudmouths -- are Americans.

2: If the Bali bombings had occurred in Detroit, we'd be cranking out fifty
messages a day.  We'd have detailed timelines, links to
interactive web sites, blogs, analyses of policy and protocols, incessant
expressions of mutual sympathy, and countless tales of
selflessness and heroism.

3: But they occurred in Bali, which most Yanks couldn't find on a globe if
it blinked, and whose newsworthiness is lately restricted
to public areas blowing up.  Oh, another bomb in Bali?  How frightful.  Is
that six this year?  Where's Bali?

4: The solutions to religious extremism are elusive to us, chiefly because
we have no familiarity with its causes.  Our own
theocracy is just getting started.

5: A frank and functional discussion of global terrorism will be thoroughly
unflattering to American foreign policy and global
citizenship, and will devolve into name-calling and pointless partisanship
before you can say "Pret's a Commie."

In short: apart from expressing our sympathy, nobody has the stomach for
detail.  We're not good at talking about things we're not
good at, and when it comes to dealing with terrorism, we're VERY not good at

Pret Bjorn, RN, etc.
Bangor, ME USA

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From: Thomas Anthony Horan [mailto:thoran at sarah.br] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2005 7:41 AM
To: Trauma & Critical Care mailing list
Subject: RE: Bali Bombings


I don't think silence indicates a lack of sympathy for the families of the
dead, or a lack of humanity, nor a lack of respect for
the efforts of the rescuers. The real problem is we don't know what to do
about it. How does one fight a religious ideology, the
idea of martyrdom, rewards in the after life and so on? Especially so when
we are led by a pseudoreligious nitwit of our own.

Now that western nations have essentially given up on the neuclear program
of Iran, are powerless to do anything about it, and have
squandered in Iraq the moral high ground they held after 9/11, such bombings
we have seen in the resorts of Bali and Egypt, pale to
insignificance next to the holocaust planned by radical islamist once they
achieve the ability. 



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> From: 	Fontana, David[SMTP:DFontana at phcn.vic.gov.au]
> Reply To: 	Trauma & Critical Care mailing list
> Sent: 	terça-feira, 4 de outubro de 2005 22:22
> To: 	trauma-list at trauma.org
> Subject: 	Bali Bombings
> I note with interest the lack of discussion surrounding the recent 
> repeat terror attacks on tourists and citizens of Bali. Are we 
> disheartened, disinterested or overwhelmed? Normally an affront to 
> humanity of this nature would draw some comment from the list; why not 
> on this occasion? After discussion with my colleagues, I offer our 
> deepest sympathies to the victims and their families. And we further 
> commend the efforts of the rescuers, medical staff and volunteers who 
> aided the victims. We fear that this repeat attack will further damage 
> the economy and livelihood of the Balinese people who depend so much 
> on the tourist dollar for survival.
> David R Fontana RN
> Dip.App.Sci., B.Nsg(N.Ed).,PGrad.Dip.Adv.Clin.Nurs.(Melb.)
> Associate Nurse Manager
> Anaesthesia & Post Anaesthesia Care Unit
> Frankston Hospital
> Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
> 03 9784-7404
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