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Sue Suefire6 at charter.net
Sun Oct 2 22:44:16 BST 2005


Is this the survey you referred to in your postings?

The link below is to a survey conducted by the Henry L. Kaiser Family 
foundation surveying Hurricane Katrina Evacuees. The survey was 
conducted with 680 individuals from the Gulf Coast and only covered 
Hurricane Katrina. 




Sue Roundy, M.Ed., EMT-P (ret.)
Adjunct Instructor, National Center for Biomedical Research 
     & Training/Academy of Counter-Terrorist Training/LSU, US DHS.
President, High Sierra Resources
email:  suefire6 at charter.net  or  suencbrt at lsu.edu 
National Association of EMT's:  Secretary, Paramedic Division; 
     Liaison to International Association of Emergency Management 
Immediate Past President, Nevada Emergency Medical Assoc.
(ret.) Captain & President, Dayton (NV) Volunteer Fire Department 
Author, Gladys-Student Manual, MERS^(TM) (Medical Emergency 
     Response Simulator) Interactive CD; ©Brady Publishing

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