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political statement

azidan azidan at batelco.com.bh
Wed Dec 3 15:56:57 GMT 2003

 Up to this very moment , I am totally disturbed as so much time has =0D
been consumed in a non fruitful discussion about Politics in a trauma lis=
t =0D
unfortunately , I am not here to judge different statements but with all
respects to Dr, Mattoux I still insist that we should go back from our
deviated path which is discussing the prospects of trauma care, where is =
moderator of this list it is his job to make every member concentrate on
trauma not on President G.W.WHATEVER=0D
-------Original Message-------=0D
From: Trauma & Critical Care mailing list=0D
Date: Wednesday, December 03, 2003 02:04:19=0D
To: 'trauma-list at trauma.org'=0D
Subject: political statement=0D
The thing I find most disturbing about the whole thread Dr. K sent is it=0D
sounds like any country having a depression with a tyranical type governm=
should be invaded by the U.S. so we can rebuild it faster,stronger and=0D
better. very scary sentiment to me. =0D
My other concern is where all this sunshiny info came from and if it's so=
true how come I have to read about it on some list. sounds as bad as the =
(Communist News Network for bush) Jim=0D
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