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Spine Immobilization

Jel Coward trauma-list@trauma.org
Fri, 18 Apr 2003 21:04:55 -0700

Can't resist the temptation to let you know what happens in Search and
Rescue in British Columbia (I moved here a couple of  years ago from the
UK). Our SAR team carry a full basket stretcher and a wooden long board
up the hill to the victim who then gets strapped to the said device)  
Ok, it is padded with a thin layer of karrimat (foam) but even so this
strikes me as ridiculous.

I really could not believe that the guys were serious about this.  Why
they would want to carry this around, let alone the downside for the
patient, I really do not know.

I gently enquired about this and was told that it is the governmental
body (the  Justice Institute and Provincial Emergency Program).

Crazy or what?

Jel Coward

The UK Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician  and Command Physician course is 
9th-15th November 2003 at Glenmore Lodge, Aviemore, Scotland



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