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Spine Immobilization

trauma-list@trauma.org trauma-list@trauma.org
Tue, 15 Apr 2003 16:29:04 +0100

So are you say the feeling is only use a board for extrication, and them
move them from the board and if so how, plus we have had training not to
log roll, but to scoop. Any pointers

t.j.coats@qmul.ac.uk@trauma.org on 15/04/2003 10:23:19

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Subject:  Re: Spine Immobilization

I would do just as the LAS (London Ambulance Service) crew did. A spinal
is hard, slippery and not spine shaped, so I don't really see any
indication to
use it as a transport device for this patient.

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> From: <simon_rolfe@baa.com>
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> Sent: Monday, April 14, 2003 4:06 PM
> Subject: Re: Spine Immobilization
> I'm an EMT and  work in the Heathrow airport fire service in the UK. I
> worked with the LAS when a causality fell 25 feet. I wanted to place them
> on the spine board, when the LAS arrived they stated that's not the
> protocol now, due to patients being left to long in A&E. So they log
> the patient on to a scoop, WHY. If the problem is the time spent on the
> board in A&E then that needs looking at. I the patient can be removed
> the board in A&E then that's the answer.
> that's not JRCALC protocols
> the gut should have been scooped onto the longboard  and then scooped off
> the end of  the journey
> the biggest problem is at the ED end when the work load is too great to
> the patient diagnostically removed in a timely fashion but 'therapeutic '
> removal of the long board is not practised.
> Martyn
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