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Spine Immobilization

Jenny Moncur trauma-list@trauma.org
Tue, 15 Apr 2003 12:55:08 +1000

>*********** REPLY SEPARATOR ***********
>On 14/04/03 at 7:20 AM Bjorn, Pret wrote:

 A long board is NOT A TREATMENT; it is a TRANSPORT DEVICE.


Pret, I believe that a long board is actually an EXTRICATION device, not a=
 transport device.

A concious, compliant patient will be be more comfortable, and hence more=
 inclined to lie still on a stretcher in the back of a moving vehicle, than=
 on a rigid board where they will frequently slide up and down in response=
 to acceleration and deceleration of the car (despite various straps and=
 head rolls). Speaking from experience (working around horses will give you=
 this), even a short trip on a spine board is awfully uncomfortable, and=
 makes the sore bits sorer and the patient more inclined to wriggle.

With regard to the 'sand bag' issue, as a paramedic I use two towels rolled=
 into a cylinder and wrapped in tape.. Theses rolls are then placed one=
 each side of the patients head and taped to the stretcher. This then=
 encloses the head in a soft support, but the patient is not himself=
 strapped down to the stretcher, avoiding the risk of a fixed head and a=
 non fixed body (pendulum effect).

Of course, this all applies to the fully conscious, alert and cooperative=

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IC Paramedic

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