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Spine Immobilization

trauma-list@trauma.org trauma-list@trauma.org
Mon, 14 Apr 2003 16:06:25 +0100

I'm an EMT and  work in the Heathrow airport fire service in the UK. I have
worked with the LAS when a causality fell 25 feet. I wanted to place them
on the spine board, when the LAS arrived they stated that's not the
protocol now, due to patients being left to long in A&E. So they log rolled
the patient on to a scoop, WHY. If the problem is the time spent on the
board in A&E then that needs looking at. I the patient can be removed from
the board in A&E then that's the answer.

"Andrew J Bowman" <sumieb@compuserve.com>@trauma.org on 14/04/2003 15:10:44

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Yes, YES, YES!!!

I have been preaching this for some  time.

Once the patient gets to the ED, logroll  them carefully off of that
backboard (especially if you are having a real busy  day/night and the
patient may wait a while for x-rays).=A0 Their neck remains  immobilized in
the collar, they are more (slightly) comfortable laying on our 2  inch
thick ED cart mattress than the 1 inch thick wooden or plastic long board
and they are not yelling out every 2 minutes to "GET ME OFF THIS F'IN

Andrew Bowman
=A0 A  long board is NOT A TREATMENT; it is a TRANSPORT DEVICE.

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