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Opiates & the Acute Abdomen

Richard Buck trauma-list@trauma.org
Sat, 12 Apr 2003 20:37:18 -0500

Have to laugh and agree, Dr Meade. However, such as it is, we face
relativity in assessing a patient's perception of what constitutes "real
pain" whether they were medicated and an antagonist used to facilitate more
learned assessment or no analgesic was administered in the first place. You
tell me which you prefer that I to bring you from the street. A tachy and
diaphoretic patient with a perception of 12 of 10 pain or a calm pain free
patient that you assess with whatever tools you deem appropriate. I honestly
don't know...

Message: 5
From: "Dr. John L. Meade" <jmeade@statdoc.com>
To: <trauma-list@trauma.org>
Subject: RE: Opiates & the Acute Abdomen
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 12:06:06 -0500
Organization: Emerald Healthcare Group
Reply-To: trauma-list@trauma.org

After we finish deciding this issue, I want someone to address "the =
true pain level". Not sure what that means. I think we have all seen =
writhing in pain from tiny lacerations or UTI's, and then other patients =
who are
so stoic it is incredible. Pain perception is totally subjective, with =
and cultural components that others may not understand or appreciate.

Sorry. Back to our regularly scheduled debate.
John L. Meade, MD, FACEP=20
Emergency Medicine Specialist
Emerald Healthcare Group, P.A.