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24/10/80 hour rules of ACGME

Rowley Cottingham trauma-list@trauma.org
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 12:10:29 +0100

Some pigeons seem to be coming home to roost, however. I have just
returned from examining final year medical students for a nearby
facility. I was testing their ability to examine the abdomen. I failed
92%, and the other examiner in a parallel session failed 96%. So if they
enter the profession at the bottom unable to do a basic examination
safely, and go through an accelerated training program what sort of
standard will they be at when they leave if they are only working
part-time? I am no fan of the sort of hours we used to work (and, indeed
at UK Consultant level still seem to work) but there must be better
training available instead.

 Best wishes



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Dear Nick,

Fascinating and bizarre

And I thought we were in bad trouble with numbers, training and

Ian Civil

Nick Macartney wrote:

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