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Metal vs Medal

trauma-list@trauma.org trauma-list@trauma.org
Thu, 20 Jun 2002 09:58:35 EDT

Yes, I debated about the choice of the words, and decided to use the former 
for a variety of reasons.  

Metal refers to a caliber of foundation and strength, whereas Medal referes 
to a recognition.   Going for the gold can be self centered in order to 
receive recognition, or going for the gold can be a sign of committment to 
strength.   It was a deliberate play non words.  Second, I let the obvious 
different choice of words stand in order to see if anyone, ANYONE would 
notice and to see just how long it would take for that notice to take effect. 
  It took about 6 hours and Elaine was the first to pick up that difference.  
 Congratulations.   BTW, only ONE reader has taken the challenge to heart to 
become more active in making things happen.  Only One, that I am aware of.