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Residency Hours

trauma-list@trauma.org trauma-list@trauma.org
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 22:52:50 EDT

I do not think routine is the issue at hand Dr. K. I believe every situation 
has status quo and routine tolerable situations. In the mid 90's during my 
residency at Geisinger medical center, where I also had the opportunity to 
meet you during a visit, the summers were very prolific with trauma at an 
exponential rate compared to the rest of the year. By the sheer volume alone, 
I often went at least 36 hrs straight and sometimes, with slurring of my 
speech, 48 hrs straight on a weekend without sitting down. But let me be 
frank, there was no other way. It is an experience identical to many centers 
in the US  during  which surgeons become physiologically seasoned to tolerate 
emergencies at all hours and under any circumstance and it is a passage of 
which in the USA is a necessity to maintain surgical excellence.Limiting 
residency hours for surgeons will someday compromise there ability to react 
to an emergency appropriately if in the least by compromising their 
6-8 hrs of sleep??? ....thats not the Ben taub I heard about