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Residency Hours

trauma-list@trauma.org trauma-list@trauma.org
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 12:03:58 EDT

We must be very very careful that the data does not get distorted during this 
debate.  I have read with concern the repeated referal to 36 hours straight 
without sleep.   I heard Diane Sawyer on Good Morning interview someone who 
referred to 48 hours and one reference to 90 hours at a stretch.   I simply 
do not know where they get these figures.  I am in a very busy hospital where 
we have long work hours, BUT.....

Virtaully everyone gets sleep virtually every night on call.  Sometimes the 
call nights are very light and the resident either gets 6-8 hours sleep, or 
chooses to read a book or watch TV.     For decades, I have heard it 
admonished that the surgeon eats when he/she can and sleeps every chance one 
gets.   That is true even for a faculty who has been around for many decades. 
  I often do not eat lunch, but my overweight body appreciates seeing less 
calories.  Let us be very sure that the public is not exposed to the wrong 
data and therefore makes the wrong conclusion.    

I would be interested to know from the readers of these lists, just how many 
hours of rest are obtained during a routine call duty time and what is the 
duty time of the readers?