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Quality Surgery Residency

trauma-list@trauma.org trauma-list@trauma.org
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 08:57:53 EDT

Mr. Kundi:

Congratulations on your thoughtful post.   Let me assure you that surgical 
residencies exist that respect your need for life style, but still are 
dedicated to the discipline that a surgery career represents.   Please 
consider Baylor College of Medicine.   It is steeped in tradition of creating 
master surgeons, and ones whose very being is committed to taking care of the 
sickest of the sick.  There remain persons who want to be "top gun,"  "top 
knife",   "top sportsman,"  "top musician" or whatever is the pinnacle of a 

There will always be those who either jealous or envious of this top 
position, and others from regulatory agencies who wish to create compromises 
and mediocrity, for what ever (and often the wrong) reason.    It is not 
about the hours, and I agree that treating any living thing inhumanely is 
wrong, it is about the product.   There will always be people who require a 
surgical approach to problem solving of health issues.   There will always be 
patients who seek out the best of the best.   I trust that you will be one of 
those.  We would be honored to position you to achieve your vision.  

Kenneth L. Mattox, MD
Baylor College of Medicine