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Spasms and drunks

Gordon S. Doig trauma-list@trauma.org
Mon, 17 Jun 2002 09:02:56 +1000

You don't mention why this person was in your ambo in the first place.... this
could be important.

Regardless, it is possible these 'spasms' could have been focal/partial
seizures..... any other signs?? Alcohol is known to lower the threshold to
seizures AND alcohol is known to lower blood glucose (which is also related to
a lowered seizure threshold). Why don't you try a Meline search on alcohol and



Ira Hartman wrote:

> We had a case recently that presents a puzzle to us.
> 18 yr old obviously drunk, smell vomiting etc.
> What was puzzling was that his limbs went into spasms periodically during
> transportation.
> I tried to do some Internet research on spasms with drunkenness but came up
> with zilch.
> were the spasms alcohol related or was there something else going on?
> Ira Hartman
> Israel
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