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Drug (ab)use in Medicine?

trauma-list@trauma.org trauma-list@trauma.org
Sat, 15 Jun 2002 08:42:55 EDT

In a message dated 6/15/2002 7:26:48 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
daveadler_emtp@msn.com writes:

<<  have an even stronger aversion to being treated by someone,
 credentials and background notwithstanding, who was high as a kite the
 night before on God knows what. >>
OHHHH--now it really becomes clear!  The old chip on the shoulder rears its 
ugly head!
Are you really so insecure that mere disagreement with a point of view must 
be viewed in so threatening a mammer?!  Come on, get off it!  Learn to 
discuss issues like an adult, and stop whimpering "they don't respect me" 
when someone points out a flaw in your reasoning and esouses nothing more 
than disagreement!  Not one post on this issue in any way was disrespectful 
or demeaning--you should be ashamed to  resort to such adolescent nonsense 
when you can't come up with support for your stance--come on!  Grown adults 
really can disagree without it being seen as a personal attack on one's 
manhood--believe it or not!  Please stop being so hostile to people you do 
not even know simply because they have the effrontery to --disagree.