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Surgical Practice Code of Conduct

Ian Civil trauma-list@trauma.org
Thu, 13 Jun 2002 21:07:12 +1200

Dear Pret,

Other responses probably make this superfluous ,but the Code of Conduct for
"MDs" is set by the Medical Association in NZ and the specific code of conduct
issues for surgeons set by the College of Surgeons.

Sure, there are local practice issues which the on-site surgeons should agree on
but the big philosophy/ethical issues should be agreed by the profession to
which they apply.



"Bjorn, Pret" wrote:

> Dr. Civil,
> I'm a Trauma Coordinator, yes.  And oh, sooo much more.
> In this circumstance, I'm basically a systems researcher and a glorified
> secretary.  To be specific, I'm Department Head Nurse for a hospital-based
> Trauma & General Surgery practice, which is just beginning to take shape:
> two general surgeons under contract, four more to be named later, a
> complimentary cluster of orthopedists, and a handful of locum tenens, who
> serve to fill the space between what we have now and what we envision.
> Seems to me that a code of conduct would be a handy thing to establish
> early, before we've hired a dozen surgeons.  Call me cynical, but it's been
> my experience that surgeons occasionally lack interpersonal and public
> relations skills.  Sometimes they even have trouble with structure; e.g.,
> timely and pertinent documentation required for trivial concerns like
> billing.  Imagine that.  Even professional ethics can vary from person to
> person (or so I've heard).  And so, a code of conduct might be thought of as
> just one small but necessary appendix to our mission and vision statements.
> I suppose you'd recommend the ground rules be written by the Director, and
> surely she'll be responsible for the final version; but at the moment,
> tracking down boiler plates isn't the sort of task I'd force on her.
> Dedicated, dutiful, protective Pret.  Sam Gamgee, RN.
> Begs the question: how WOULD it happen in your neck of the woods?
> Pret
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> From: Ian Civil [mailto:icivil@xtra.co.nz]
> Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2002 3:38 AM
> To: trauma-list@trauma.org
> Subject: Re: Surgical Practice Code of Conduct
> Dear Pret,
> Interested that a Trauma Coordinator is writing a code of conduct for
> surgeons.
> You must have an interesting job description
> Certainly wouldn't happen this way in our neck of the woods
> Ian Civil
> "Bjorn, Pret" wrote:
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