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Surgical Practice Code of Conduct

Bjorn, Pret trauma-list@trauma.org
Wed, 12 Jun 2002 14:23:34 -0400

I can be thick as paste.

Of course you are correct, as was Dr. Civil.  Of the handful of direct
responses I've gratefully received, each expands its expectations to include
all employees of the practice.  So shall ours.


Like THAT could ever be,


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In a message dated Wed, 12 Jun 2002  1:11:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
pbjorn@emh.org writes:

> I suppose you'd recommend the ground rules be written by the Director, and
> surely she'll be responsible for the final version; but at the moment,
> tracking down boiler plates isn't the sort of task I'd force on her.
> Dedicated, dutiful, protective Pret.  Sam Gamgee, RN.
> Begs the question: how WOULD it happen in your neck of the 
> woods?

A thought occurred to me while reading this--do your nurses have a written
code of conduct?  If not, why not?  In that case I suppose nurses are not
subject to poor professional ethics, interpersonal skills, chart
delinquencies, etc, or are those not as important to nursing?
If there is such a written code for nurses--who wrote that?  By your
reasoning, doctors should be writing those, no?
Please think about these points in all seriousness--I think you are going
down a dangerous road,  Codes of conduct and behavior are quite
important--but they should be equally applied to ALL health care workers who
come in contact with the public and patients--to single out one part of the
team to the exclusion of others makes your bias quite transparent and
obvious.  I am surprised you did not get this point in Dr. Civil's question

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