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Surgical Practice Code of Conduct

Bjorn, Pret trauma-list@trauma.org
Wed, 12 Jun 2002 13:08:28 -0400

Dr. Civil,

I'm a Trauma Coordinator, yes.  And oh, sooo much more.

In this circumstance, I'm basically a systems researcher and a glorified
secretary.  To be specific, I'm Department Head Nurse for a hospital-based
Trauma & General Surgery practice, which is just beginning to take shape:
two general surgeons under contract, four more to be named later, a
complimentary cluster of orthopedists, and a handful of locum tenens, who
serve to fill the space between what we have now and what we envision.  

Seems to me that a code of conduct would be a handy thing to establish
early, before we've hired a dozen surgeons.  Call me cynical, but it's been
my experience that surgeons occasionally lack interpersonal and public
relations skills.  Sometimes they even have trouble with structure; e.g.,
timely and pertinent documentation required for trivial concerns like
billing.  Imagine that.  Even professional ethics can vary from person to
person (or so I've heard).  And so, a code of conduct might be thought of as
just one small but necessary appendix to our mission and vision statements.

I suppose you'd recommend the ground rules be written by the Director, and
surely she'll be responsible for the final version; but at the moment,
tracking down boiler plates isn't the sort of task I'd force on her.
Dedicated, dutiful, protective Pret.  Sam Gamgee, RN.

Begs the question: how WOULD it happen in your neck of the woods?


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From: Ian Civil [mailto:icivil@xtra.co.nz]
Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2002 3:38 AM
To: trauma-list@trauma.org
Subject: Re: Surgical Practice Code of Conduct

Dear Pret,

Interested that a Trauma Coordinator is writing a code of conduct for

You must have an interesting job description

Certainly wouldn't happen this way in our neck of the woods

Ian Civil

"Bjorn, Pret" wrote:

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