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Drug (ab)use in Medicine?

Russ Pasley trauma-list@trauma.org
Tue, 11 Jun 2002 12:30:28 -0700


As a "cop" would you enforce a law that you found to be morally wrong?
What about one you just didn't agree with?  I don't doubt that you can
wreck your car while stoned. You can also do that if you've been up all
night or trying to unwrap that burrito.  Those assault cases you speak of?
If someone is upset or unbalanced I doubt if the "weed" is what set them
over the edge.  I know someone who has AIDS and cancer.  They were
suffering from "wasting" dropping an alarming amount of weight.  He started
on some medicine that seemed to help.  The problem  is that it's  expensive
and he had to take periodic blood tests to make sure his liver (and
kidneys?) weren't being damaged.  Turns out this medicine was pretty toxic
stuff.  Then he got a medical marijuana card, started smoking, threw his
pills away, and gained his weight back.  So Dave, would you pop him for
smoking?  For possesion?  What if he didn't live in California and instead
resided in your "neck of the woods"?  I'm not saying you have to like pot
or even agree that it should be decriminalized.  However there are a
multitude of things harmful to us that are legal, like eating too many
donuts (and of course tobacco and booze).  I would never advoacte driving
while under the influence and certainly not working under the influence.
BUT how unfortunate that all those EMS personel out there that like to
occasionally  have a toke on their own free time, as mature adults in a
free society, those who put their lives and health on the line daily in
order to save others,  well it's a cryin shame that they have to sneak
around as dirty little criminals risking freedom and career.

Freedom all the way baby (as long as you don't hurt others)!!