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Jean A. Proehl trauma-list@trauma.org
04 Jun 2002 13:34:03 EDT

--- Gordon McNeill wrote:
The hard bit of training is in getting individuals to fulfil their =
potential when they=20
don't think they can. And just because you've never suffered from =
it doesn't=20
mean others don't. That attitude leads to trainers who say 'why =
can't you do=20
this? It's easy!!' Yes, it is for you who's been doing it for x =
--- end of quote ---

Thank you, Gordon!  The attitude that "you can't be a good =
nurse/doctor/paramedic unless you are tough enough to take my =
overbearing teaching style" has done all of our respective =
professions a great deal of harm.  I have known many practitioners =
who were basket cases in simulated cases during a course but never =
even had momentary tachycardia when the real train wreck hit the =
door.  I've seen students so intimidated and scared during courses =
that they vomited -- hard to learn anything with your head hanging =
in the toilet.  Instructors who can only teach by intimidation =
should find another outlet for their aggression and leave the =
teaching to those who at least have a modicum of respect for =
students as professionals who are there to improve themselves.

Jean A. Proehl
Emergency Clinical Nurse Specialist
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Lebanon, NH 03756
(603) 650-6049