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Selected new & juicy research papers, with editorial comment.


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PubMed ID: 19630126
Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2009 May;88(5):387-98.
Authors: Sirois MJ, Dionne CE, Lavoie A.


OBJECTIVES: The aims of this study were to compare regional differences in perceived needs for postacute rehabilitation services, perceived barriers to postacute rehabilitation services, and long-term functional and physical health outcomes among multiple trauma survivors. DESIGN: A population-based cohort study with retrospective measures of exposure and cross-sectional health outcomes measures was conducted in regions with different levels of rehabilitation services availability in the province of Quebec, Canada. The study included 435 participants, aged 18-65 yrs, admitted to level I or level II trauma centers in 2000-2001, who required rehabilitation services. The participants were interviewed by telephone 2-4 yrs postinjury. Needs for (yes/no) and perceived barriers (yes/no) to obtain 18 posttraumatic rehabilitation services were assessed. Physical health was measured with the medical outcome study SF-12 and functional status with the functional independence measure. RESULTS: There were no significant regional differences in the proportions of perceived barriers to functional rehabilitation (39.4%), to social/vocational rehabilitation (52.2%), and to community integration services (46.5%). Adjusted-SF-12 and functional independence measure scores were similar across regions. CONCLUSION: Contrary to expectations, there were no regional differences in perceived barriers to rehabilitation services for multiple trauma survivors. Rather, surprisingly high proportions of barriers were reported across the province.

Notes & Commentary:

Interesting - given Quebec 's a relatively mature and comprehensive trauma system.  Perhaps locals can comment on the perception of high barriers to rehab access across the province?

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