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Very interesting case a couple of weeks ago.  This patient suffered significant blunt force trauma to the chest and was secondarily transferred to us for management of a thoracic spinal fracture-dislocation with associated spinal cord injury.  He arrived 12 hours or so following the injury on very large doses on inotropes to support his blood pressure.  Here's his chest X-ray.


Chest X-ray DC01

Something's not quite right here.  Is there a clear diagnosis?  What's your next move?  Let's have some ideas in the comments...


AAT, June 27, 2009

Situs inversus?

josemayagoitia56, Mexicali, BC, Mexico, June 27, 2009

I would agree that the image brings up the possibility of situs inversus at first, there is no displacement of medial structures and both lungs look OK

docgizmo, June 29, 2009

cardiac herniation to the right cavity?

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