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Home > Blogs > Karim's Weblog > TRAUMA.ORG’s community grows - and the most important trauma paper of all time?

Today we've had a major overhaul of TRAUMA.ORG's services.  Most of these are back-end improvements to community features.  Users should now find it a lot easier to contribute images and cases, and institution to post fellowships and student elective opportunities. 

As part of our commitment to supporting and developing the global trauma community, this update of TRAUMA.ORG sees the addition of community blogs (including this one!).  The first one to role out is a trauma research blog.  New or interesting research will be highlighted here with a short editorial comment.  You're all welcome to discuss the article in the comments, and of course recommend articles yourselves.  Maybe it should be completely open for all to submit articles to?  We'll see how it develops! 

I thought we should have a momentous first post in the research blog.  So what is the most important trauma paper ever written?  There were a few candidates, but I finally settled on one that I think changed the way the world views trauma.  Which one did I choose?


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