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The new Trauma.org site is split into 3 main sections. The Library which holds all clinical and educational materials. Resources contains information on conferences, training and other web links, and the Community section houses the Trauma-list, research and personal blogs.

Featured Article: Commonwealth Scholarships for MSc in Trauma Sciences - 2016/17

MSc applicants who are permanently residing in a developing Commonwealth country can apply for a Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarship.

Application deadline: 4 May 2016.

Featured Images

  • A Traumatic Frontal Epidural Haematoma

    A CT scan of the Head

    Dr. Luis Rafael Moscote-Salazar, Neurosurgeon, Universidad de Cartagena, Colombia.

  • knee-spanning external fixator

    Jan Duijff, trauma fellow

  • Aortic Arch stab wound - Pledget repair

    Cervicosternotomy revealing haematoma in aorta, innominate trunk and left common carotid artery

    César Benítez Pozo ,Victor Vasquez ,Pamela Pedrero ,José Salinas .Equipo Cirugia Torax y Cardiaca y S Urgencia Hospital San Juan de Dios Universidad de Chile .Santiago de Chile

  • Paediatric C2 fracture-dislocation

    Paediatric C2 fracture dislocation (X-ray)

    Dr Setthabutr Eaupanitcharoen, M.D. Trauma Division,Department of Surgery, Maharat Nakornratchasima Hospital, Nakornratchasima, Thailand

  • Bladder rupture following blunt abdominal injury

    Traumatic bladder rupture

    Gabriel Mejia MD, SF-COT-ACS. Hospital General Balbuena. Mexico city

  • Fracture-dislocation of the thoracolumbar spine (T12-L1) CT reconstruction

    Fracture-dislocation of the thoracolumbar spine CT

    Cedillo J., Bolaños R.


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Recent Comments

Jun 20, 2016, ted malkovich, [Images]

Paediatric C2 fracture-dislocation

was looking for this information, I am happy to join your community!

Apr 14, 2016, JessiMartin94, [Images]

Diaphragmatic rupture following blunt abdominal trauma 02

beautiful imaging. grade 1 herniation is captured perfectly

Dec 26, 2015, ciaranhk, [Images]

A Traumatic Frontal Epidural Haematoma

Great image.
If education is the motive for sharing this with trauma.org browsers, it would be nice to know the presentation, speed of intervention…

Nov 27, 2015, Niamalwakil, [Articles]

Orthopaedic Trauma Sciences International Distance-Learning Masters Programme

Firstly thanks for your timely post and organize the training .I learn lots of things after reading this post.Now-a-days Orthopaedic Trauma Science is very important.I…

Sep 09, 2015, Rosy Flora, [Articles]

Motorised Transport - It's All About Energy (MSc Trauma Sciences)

I would like to see comparative data with prevalence of personal technologies (Radio, Television, and video entertainment for children, etc…) and impact on some of…