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The TRAUMA.ORG web site has been running since 1995. Currently there are around 900,000 accesses per month, from 20,000 unique visitors, with usage increasing monthly.

The Trauma Mailing List also started in 1995, and has over 1600 members from around 60 countries worldwide, representing most of the specialities related to trauma care. The map below shows, in red, the countries represented by members of the trauma list.

Global coverage of the Trauma-list

TRAUMA.ORG is linked to from around 3600 internet web sites, and has been recommended in the British Medical Journal three times (The Trauma Moulages), reviewed in the Archives of Surgery (November 1998) and presented at several international conferences (that we know of!).

For more on TRAUMA.ORG's services and facilities see our general information page.