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Fundamentals of Trauma Care: Thoracic Trauma

Emergency Department Thoracotomy

Pulmonary Tractotomy: Atlas of Trauma

Case Presentations

Non-operative management of thoracic vascular injury
Tension Haemothorax
Tension Gastrothorax
Late presentation of diaphragm rupture following blunt thoracic trauma

Trauma Mailing List

Pericardiocentesis or Sub-Xiphoid Window in Penetrating Cardiac Trauma?
Broken Blade in Sternum

Needle Chest Decompression
Mediastinal Air
Wide Mediastinum
Subcutaneous Emphysema
Crack the Chest?

Trauma Imagebank
Thoracic trauma images available in the Imagebank
Articles on the Web
EAST: Management Guidelines:
Screening of Blunt Cardiac Injury
Diagnosis and Management of Blunt Aortic Injury
Prophylactic Antibiotics in Tube Thoracostomy for Traumatic Hemopneumothorax

Management of Flail Chest
Chest Trauma - The Virtual Hospital
Paediatric Chest Trauma