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Systolic BP:
Resp. Rate:
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Revised Trauma Score

The Revised Trauma Score is a physiological scoring system, with high inter-rater reliability and demonstrated accurracy in predictng death. It is scored from the first set of data obtained on the patient, and consists of Glasgow Coma Scale, Systolic Blood Pressure and Respiratory Rate.

Glasgow Coma Scale
Systolic Blood Pressure
Respiratory Rate
Coded Value
13-15 >89 10-29 4
9-12 76-89 >29 3
6-8 50-75 6-9 2
4-5 1-49 1-5 1
3 0 0 0


RTS = 0.9368 GCS + 0.7326 SBP + 0.2908 RR

Values for the RTS are in the range 0 to 7.8408. The RTS is heavily weighted towards the Glasgow Coma Scale to compensate for major head injury without multisystem injury or major physiological changes. A threshold of RTS < 4 has been proposed to identify those patients who should be treated in a trauma centre, although this value may be somewhat low.

The RTS correlates well with the probability of survival :

The RTS Calculator will sit as a standalone window on your desktop.

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