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Organ Injury Scaling
Thoracic Vasculature

Grade Injury Description AIS-90
I Intercostal artery/vein 2-3
Internal mammary artery/vein 2-3
Bronchial artery/vein 2-3
Oesophageal artery/vein 2-3
Hemiazygous vein 2-3
Unnamed artery/vein 2-3
II Azygous vein 2-3
Internal jugular vein 2-3
Subclavian vein 3-4
Innominate vein 3-4
III Carotid artery 3-5
Innominate artery 3-4
Subclavian artery 3-4
IV Thoracic aorta, descending 4-5
Inferior vena cava (intrathoracic) 3-4
Pulmonary artery, primary intraparenchymal branch 3
Pulmonary vein, primary intraparenchymal branch 3
V Thoracic aorta, ascending and arch 5
Superior vena cava 3-4
Pulmonary artery, main trunk 4
Pulmonary vein, main trunk 4
VI Uncontained total transection of thoracic aorta 5
Uncontained total transection of pulmonary hilum 4
Advance one grade for multiple grade III or IV if >50% circumference.
Decrease one grade for grade IV & V if <25% circumference.