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Organ Injury Scaling

Grade Injury Description AIS-90
I Haematoma Subcapsular, <10% surface area 2
Laceration Capsular tear, <1cm parenchymal depth 2
II Haematoma Subcapsular, 10-50% surface area 2
Intraparenchymal, <10cm diameter 2
Laceration 1-3cm parenchymal depth, <10cm length 2
III Haematoma Subcapsular, >50% surface area or expanding. Ruptured subcapsular or parenchymal haematoma 3
Intraparencymal haematoma >10cm or expanding 3
Laceration >3cm parenchymal depth 3
IV Laceration Parenchymal disruption involving 25-75% of hepatic lobe or 1-3 Coinaud's segments in a single lobe 4
V Laceration Parenchymal disruption involving >75% of hepatic lobe or >3 Coinaud's segments within a single lobe 5
Vascular Juxtahepatic venous injuries ie. retrohepatic vena cava/central major hepatic veins 5
VI Vascular Hepatic Avulsion 6
Advance one grade for multiple injuries to same organ up to Grade III.