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Organ Injury Scaling
Chest Wall

Grade Injury Description AIS-90
I Contusion Any size 1
Laceration Skin and subcutaneous 1
Fracture <3 ribs, closed 1-2
nondisplaced clavicle,closed 2
II Laceration Skin, subcutaneous and muscle 1
Fracture =>3 adjacent ribs, closed 2-3
Open or displaced clavicle 2
Nondisplaced sternum, closed 2
Scapular body 2
III Laceration Full thickness including pleura 2
Fracture Open, displaced or flail sternum 2
Unilateral flail segment <3 ribs 3-4
IV Laceration Avulsion of chest wall tissues with underlying rib fractures 4
Fracture Unilateral flail chest => 3 ribs 3-4
V Fracture Bilateral flail chest 5
Advance one grade for bilateral injuries.