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Classic Cases

Gunshot to infrahepatic IVC

Luis Pinheiro
Viseu, Portugal's 'Classic cases' are collated from around the world to provide a repository for trauma cases on the Internet.

They are not designed to show the rare or unusual, but to illustrate classic injury patterns, decision nodes or methods of treatment. We hope that the database will grow into a valuable resource for education and training, much as the Trauma Imagebank has succeeded in becoming a world-class repository for trauma images. Once a critical mass has been achieved they cases will be categorised, similar to the imagebank.

Contact to submit a classic case. The standard format is a case presentation, ideally with one or more images, a short discussion of the case's salient features, and two or more references.


Superficial femoral artery injury managed with a temporary shunt

Richard Koehler
Salt Lake City, USA


Tension Haemothorax

Karim Brohi
London, UK


Tension Gastrothorax

Karim Brohi
London, UK


Angiographic Coiling for Pelvic Haemorrhage

Karim Brohi
London, UK


Aortocaval fistula following stab injury

Karim Brohi
London, UK


Popliteal artery transection following blunt knee injury

Karim Brohi
London, UK



Elastic nailing of paediatric forearm fractures

Matthias Kalkum
Tirschenreuth, Germany


Extraperitoneal bladder rupture associated with lateral compression pelvic fracture

Karim Brohi
London, UK


Late presentation of diaphragm rupture following blunt thoracic trauma

Karim Brohi
London, UK


Vertebral artery injury following cervical spine fracture

Augustin Luna Tovar
Antillas, Mexico


Non-operative management of thoracic vascular injury

Eric Frykberg
Jacksonville, Florida, USA

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