British Trauma Society
Annual Awards & Prizes

British Trauma Society 2004 Annual Meeting

Injury Prize Competition

1. Prize value of £500
Damage control surgery in patients in extremis with unstable pelvic fracture
A Gasnsslen, HC Pape, T Hufner, C Krettek

2. Prize value of £300
Proximal humerus fracture in the osteoporotic bone: should one use a nail or plate device? A biomechanical study.
R Nanda, AS Bajwa, M Ahmad, S Green, PJ Greg, A Port

3. Prize value of £200
Non-operative management of proximal humerus fracture
D Morgan, I Udom, S Gopal, P de Boer

BTS Awarded Prizes

1. Prize value of £200
Pathogenesis of injury – The relationship between perception of time and risk of injury
H Tanaka, K Hariharan

2. Prize value of £150
Epidemiology and Distribution of human bites: Spotting the undeclared injury
CG Wallace, CE Robertson

3. Prize for best Poster Presentation value of £150
Intracapsular fractures of the neck of femur in patients below < 65 years of age.
M C Jaberoo, R Ashraf, AT Stearns, AD Maclean, EF Wheelwright


Biomet Travelling Fellowship

Biomet Fellowship is now available and any BTS members who would like to apply for the sum of £3000 for a fellowship abroad should send a letter of application setting out what they would like to do, where they would like to go and a copy of their CV.

Please send all applications to:

Colinne Sheard
Clinical Research Assistant
c/o Management Offices
Ward 28
Chancellor Wing
St James Hospital
Leeds LS9 7TF